Choose Ram: efficiency, quality, customization

We are specialized in the warehousing, manufacturing and transportation of our customers’ products.
We handle every product and we track all phases in order to offer a punctual, precise and continuous service. We use efficient machines and we developed a management software called B-Kode which offers customized business intelligence.

Logistical services for all needs

We develop customized logistical services

Ram, with its headquarters in the province of Varese, constantly invests in staff training, machines, software programs and infrastructures to improve and expand its services.

Our services help our clients focus on their own business, thus improving their selling and production.

Over the years, we noticed that the development of customized services we could reduce difficulties related to:

  • Warehouse managing
  • Inventory
  • Order preparation
  • Managing of the distribution network
  • Customer care

The B-Kode software developed by Ram: business intelligence for every customer

A fundamental role in the integration of processes between companies is played by information-technology. In order to face any need and request, Ram developed the software B-Kode.

Following are the characteristics of the B-Kode software:

  • Web based
  • Business Intelligence dedicated to the customer
  • Dedicated to the logistics to solve all the needs of a logistics platform
  • Flexible to adeguate to the needs of the clients
  • Safe and firm to offer protected accesses
  • Open to the import/export of files (.html, .txt, .pdf, .xls)
  • Provided with a dedicated agenda for the managing of instant messaging to communicate quickly

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